Quick search

Below each tab you can find filters to quickly select items and elements.

Text filter

Enter text in the search bar to find items that contain that text. All columns under that tab will be searched.

You can also use the query input language in the text filer.

Archive filter
The button allows you to display and hide archived campaigns, groups, and ads.
Filter by column (advanced filters)

The button enables filters to search by individual columns.

Different filters are provided for different column types:

  • the filter is for selecting items marked with a star
  • the filter is for selecting edited items that are ready to be sent to the server
  • text filters
  • numerical filters for searching within a range of values
  • filters with a set of fixed values

You can use several filters simultaneously. If several filters are enabled, only items that simultaneously apply to all filters will remain in the tab.

To clear all column filters, right-click on the icon and select Reset in the context menu that opens up.