Receiving data from the server

Attention. Updated information from the Yandex.Direct server is not automatically uploaded to Direct Commander. That's why it's necessary to manually receive data from the server before making any changes.
  1. If you are an agency representative, select the client in the Clients tab. Then click the button in the Campaigns tab.

    If you are an advertiser's representative, simply click the button in the Campaigns tab.

  2. Select the campaign in the Campaigns tab. You can instantly select several campaigns by holding the Ctrl or Shift keys. Then click on the button in the Ad groups tab.

    It's necessary to receive information from the server for all campaigns that you plan to make changes to.

Getting auction data, statistics, and productivity indicators

In order to speed up campaign data retrieval from the server, part of the keyword parameters are not updated automatically: bid rates for entry to various positions, click price, statistics and productivity indicators.

To get this data, click the button in the Phrases tab.

You can enable automatic update of prices, statistics, and productivity indicators in the program settings.