What is Direct Commander?

Direct Commander is another interface for Yandex.Direct that is more convenient for managing large ad campaigns than the web interface. Direct Commander is designed for contextual advertising professionals.

Direct Commander allows you to:

  • easily orient yourself with a large number of clients, campaigns, ads, and keywords;
  • create campaigns by simply uploading ads from files of any format;
  • quickly make mass changes to ad campaigns.

Only in Direct Commander can you perform the following actions with a few clicks:

Find one keyword out of thousands
Find specific keywords that may relate to different ad campaigns and ad groups. For example, to correct a bid.
Find one ad out of hundreds
Find all ads with a specific text, even those that relate to different groups or campaigns. For example, ads that advertise a specific product (to stop impressions if the product is no longer available at the warehouse).
Set bids for a large number of keywords
You can flexibly manage bids for a large number of keywords that belong to different ad campaigns and groups. Set your bid for search based on the traffic volume you want and take the bid price into account; set a bid for the networks based on the audience coverage you want.
Simultaneously edit multiple keywords
Make corrections of the same type to multiple keywords: replace a keyword or negative word (for example, to correct a common typo), switch from lower- to upper-case, etc.
Fix overlapping keywords and delete duplicates
In order to increase the effectiveness of your ad impressions and improve the accuracy of your statistics, find and fix all overlapping and duplicate keywords - even if they are from different groups or campaigns.
Replacing text and links in multiple ads
You can enter the same type of correction to multiple ads at once. For example, if you want to create a copy of your ad campaign for a different region, you can replace “in Moscow” with “in Novosibirsk” in the ads text and change the link “msk.domain.ru” to “nsk.domain.ru”.