How to upload data to the Yandex.Direct server

The changes you have made to an ad campaign take effect after the campaign is uploaded to the Yandex.Direct server.

You can upload either all campaign data at once, or campaign bids only, or campaign parameters only. You can't upload individual ad groups.

Campaigns ready to be sent to the server are marked with the icon. The icon means that the campaign contains errors and cannot be uploaded to the server. Hover over the icon to find out where the error is. Learn more

Restriction. If you delete a campaign in Direct Commander, you can't send this change to the server.

To upload the campaign data:

  1. On the Campaigns tab, select a single campaign or multiple campaigns.
  2. Click Upload and choose the upload option:

    • All data

    • Bids only — Quickly uploads only bids and priorities for keywords in selected campaigns (except for new keywords never uploaded to the server before).

    • Only campaign parameters — Quickly uploads only campaign level settings.

  3. If you have draft ads in your campaigns, when you try to upload all the data you see a window prompting you to submit such ads for moderation right away.

  4. If the selected campaigns have been changed on the server, you will see a window where you can choose campaigns for overwriting the data on the server with the data from Commander.