How to configure bid adjustments

You can configure bid adjustments for several campaigns or several ad groups at once in Commander.

Only adjustments for target audience (i.e., based on retargeting lists), mobile devices, and gender and age are available in Commander at this point.

Read more about adjustments in the Help for Yandex.Direct.

Bid adjustments constitute a separate object rather than a campaign or ad group parameter:
  • To download adjustments from the server, click Download and select Main data (fast) or All data (slower) from the menu. It's not sufficient just to download a list of campaigns.
  • To upload adjustments to the server, click Upload and select All data from the menu. It's not sufficient just to upload the campaign parameters.

To manage bid adjustments:

  1. To make adjustments at the campaign level, select one or several campaigns.

    To configure adjustments at the group level, select one or several groups.

  2. Click in the Bid adjustments field in the Inspector.
  3. In the Bid adjustments window, go to the tab with the applicable adjustment type. On the tab you can:
    Configure adjustments

    1. Click Add bid adjustment.
    2. Specify bid adjustment conditions: for example, for “Target audience” adjustments, select a retargeting list.
      Note. Use the web interface to configure retargeting lists.
    3. Set the percentage, for example:
      100 increase bid by 100% (double it)
      -50 reduce bid by 50% (cut it in half)
    Attention. Earlier configured adjustments of the given type will be replaced with these adjustments in all selected campaigns or groups.
    Enable or disable a set of adjustments

    Toggle the switch to temporarily enable or disable all adjustments.

    Remove adjustments

    Click next to an adjustment to delete it.

  4. Click Apply in the Bid adjustments window.
  5. Press Ctrl + S (Cmd ⌘ + S on MacOS) or click the Save button at the bottom of Inspector.
  1. You can use the query language to find ad groups or campaigns which have adjustments of a particular type, for example:
    = "Bid adjustment" ~ [Mobile]
  2. You can copy adjustments from one campaign or ad group into many others by using the context menu.