Managing teams

You have to be a member of a team to participate in team competitions. You can create your own team and invite Yandex users to join it or join an existing team (you'll need an invitation from a team member for that).

Teams can include any number of members. You can choose which team members will participate in a contest when registering for it.

All team members have the same rights: each can change the name of the team, manage its composition, and leave it.

Teams are managed on the Teams page.

  1. Creating a team
  2. Editing a team
  3. Deleting a team

Creating a team

To create a team:

  1. Click Create a team. The team creation block will be displayed on the screen.
  2. In the upper field, enter a team name.
  3. Add Yandex users to the team. Each user is added separately. To send an invitation, enter the username in the bottom field and click Invite. An invitation is sent to the user and displayed on their Teams page.
  4. Click Create.

All team members' usernames are displayed under the team name. The usernames of those who have not yet responded to the invitation are highlighted in gray.

Once you've created a team, you can immediately register it for contests. Teams can be registered even if they don't yet have the required number of participants who meet the contest requirements since you can change the list of participants from your team after registration, right up to the moment when the contest begins.

Editing a team

To edit a team, hover the mouse pointer over the team's block and click in the upper-right corner. You can change the name of the team, invite a new member, exclude an existing member, and also quit the team.

All changes are saved automatically the moment they're entered. To exit edit mode, click the icon again.

Deleting a team

If you want to completely remove a team, first delete everyone in it. Otherwise, you will leave the team, but it will not be deleted.

To delete a team, click in the upper-right corner of its block.