Registering for a contest

Registration conditions

You can only participate in contests where you meet all the requirements (age, place of residence, place of study, and so on).

When registering, pay attention to the contest attributes:

  • If it is a closed contest, you need a special invitation from the organizers to register. You will be denied access to the contest page otherwise.
  • If the contest is only for teams, you need to join a team to register.
  • If the contest is one of a group of contests, you must pass the previous rounds before registering for it. For example, you have to pass the qualifying round for olympiads before registering for the final.

How to register

To register as a participant, go to the contest page. Find the contest in the list or use a direct link provided by the organizers.

For individual registration, click Register.

If you want to participate in a contest as a team:

  1. Click Register a team. All the teams you are a member of are displayed at the bottom of the page.
  2. In the right team's block, select which of its members will participate in the contest. Only users who have already accepted the invitation to join the team and are not participating in the contest as members of other teams are available for selection.
  3. Click Register in the right part of the team's block.

After you register, the contest page will display a countdown to the start of the contest or one of the following statuses:

  • “You are participating in the contest”: the real contest has already begun, and you can start solving problems.
  • “The virtual competition is underway, so you can start”: the virtual contest has already begun, and you can start solving problems. The virtual contest timer will start when you click Start virtual contest.
  • “The contest is over. You can practice individually outside the contest”: the contest is finished, but you can take part in it as a virtual participant.

If you have registered a team, the Participants list page will have the timer or contest status and a block where you can modify your team.

If the team did not include all the members during registration (for example, not everyone responded to the invitation), you can add them to the team after registration. New team members will be displayed in the block and available for inclusion in the list of contest participants. Changes can be made to the list of participants until the contest begins.