Tracker is a service for managing tasks and projects in your organization. Use Tracker to distribute resources, assign tasks, and track their progress.

To learn more about these features, see Tracker Help.

Activate Tracker

  1. Log in to Yandex.Connect as an administrator.
  2. Go to the Yandex.Connect main page, find the Tracker card, and click .

  3. Click Activate on the settings page in Tracker.

All employees can use Tracker for 30 days for free without any restrictions. As the trial period ends, employees can continue using Tracker for free in “Read only” mode. Grant full access to Tracker so that your employees can use all the features.

To learn more about the terms of use for Tracker, see the pricing page. For an example of how an organization's expenses are calculated, see Monthly Tracker pricing.

Attention. Tracker stores your data for 30 days after the trial period ends. If you don't activate subscriptions during that period, all stored data will be deleted.

Add users to Tracker

As the trial period ends, all employees get free Tracker access automatically, but only in “Read only” mode. Employees will need full access to Tracker to manage issues with no restrictions. You can set up full Tracker access in advance. You will only be charged after the trial period.

The cost of using Tracker is based on the number of users with full access to the platform. Small teams can use Tracker for free. To learn more, see Tracker pricing.

Note. You can grant and revoke full access to Tracker at any time. The total cost is automatically recalculated as the number of users with full access changes. To learn more about how subscription costs are calculated, see Monthly Tracker pricing.
Set up full access to Tracker
  1. Go to the Yandex.Connect main page, find the Tracker card, and click .

  2. Go to the settings page in Tracker and make sure it's activated.

  3. Go to the Subscriptions tab and click Subscribe.

    If you're enabling a paid service for the first time, you will see a message asking you to fill out a form. This information is needed for future payments. To fill out the form:

    1. Click Fill out.

    2. Specify your company's bank details and your personal information.

    3. Accept the user agreement.

    4. Click Activate.

  4. Enter the name or login of the user you want to issue an individual subscription to.

    If you want to subscribe multiple users, enter the name of your department or team. New team members will be subscribed automatically afterwards. When a user leaves the team, they will be unsubscribed automatically.

  5. If an employee doesn't have an account in your company yet, click the add new employee to company link.

  6. To finish the process, click Subscribe.

“Read only” mode
Access to the following features is restricted in “Read only” mode:
  • creating issues using the Tracker interface
  • changing issue fields, statuses, and resolutions
  • leaving comments for issues
  • subscribing to issue changelogs.

However, you can still do everything related to viewing issues, such as: