Organization settings

The general organization management includes the following sections of settings:


This section lists all of the company admins. You can grant or revoke admin rights in the employee profile: find the person in the company structure (for example, use the search box at the top of the page), and click the three dots next to the picture.

DNS management

If you delegated domain management to Yandex, you can create, edit, and remove DNS records for this domain using the editor in Yandex.Connect. The Help has instructions for creating MX and SPF records.


This page shows the status of the domains you have added to Yandex.Connect. For information about how to confirm or delegate a domain, see these instructions.

Additional settings

In this section, you can set the company's general policies:

  • The Forbid changing passwords option prevents your employees from changing their account passwords on their own.

  • You can use Transfer back to Mail for Domain if you need to switch your data back to Mail for Domain.