You can use this section of settings to control how your company uses the services in Yandex.Connect.


Settings for mailboxes, signatures, protocols, and other features:

  • Catch-all address routing is the address of the mailbox for collecting emails sent to non-existent addresses in your domain. If this field is left empty, such messages will be deleted automatically.

  • Mail protocol. Choose the protocol for users to connect email clients.

    Note. A mail client can access the user's mailbox only if the correct protocol (POP3 or IMAP) is enabled in the mailbox settings. To learn more about setting up mail clients, see the Help for Yandex.Mail.
  • The text in Default signature is added as a signature to every email that employees send from your company's mailboxes.

  • In To-do List, you can add a to-do list for your employees in the Mail web interface. This service is described in the Help for Yandex.Mail.

  • The DKIM signature tab shows the public DKIM keys for your verified domains. The DKIM signature helps the email recipient verify that it really came from you. To learn more about DKIM signature settings, see the corresponding sections in Help.


The Wiki service only has one setting: you can Turn on your organization's Wiki, or disable this service for your employees.