You can use this section of settings to control how your company uses the services in Yandex.Connect.


Settings for mailboxes, signatures, protocols, and other features:

  • In Lost email collection, you can specify an employee who will receive email that is sent to non-existing addresses in your domain.

  • Use the options in Mail protocol settings to set whether employees are allowed to use the IMAP or POP3 protocols for email.

  • The text in Default signature is added as a signature to every email that employees send from your company's mailboxes.

  • In To-do List, you can add a to-do list for your employees in the Mail web interface. This service is described in the Help for Mail.

  • The DKIM signature section shows a list of your domains denoting which ones have a DKIM email signature configured.


The Wiki service only has one setting: you can Turn on your organization's Wiki, or disable this service for your employees.