Reorganizing Yandex.Connect

Over the course of 2021, the Yandex.Connect collaboration platform will go through some serious changes. The Yandex.Connect Administrator panel ( will go out of service and will be replaced by the Yandex 360 for Business control panel ( All the features of Yandex.Connect will remain available on Yandex.Cloud and Yandex 360 for Business or as stand-alone services.

Your company's data will remain intact and you can continue using the following platforms:

All Yandex.Connect organizations that use Yandex Tracker, Yandex Forms, or Yandex Wiki will be transferred to Yandex.Cloud by the end of 2021. Your organization's data will remain intact across all platforms. Yandex 360 for Business services will remain available for the organization as well.

The administrators will be notified about the move and the actions they need to take by email.

Once you have moved to Yandex.Cloud, you will be able to manage your organization via Yandex Cloud Organization and enable other Yandex.Cloud services.

If you don't use Yandex.Connect to manage your organization and don't want to move it to the new platform, you can delete it.