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Restriction. Paid services are unavailable in some countries.

All employees can use Tracker for 30 days for free without any restrictions. As the trial period ends, employees can continue using Tracker for free in “Read only” mode. Grant full access to Tracker so that your employees can use all the features.

To learn more about how to connect Tracker, see Tracker.


The cost of using Tracker is based on the number of users with full access to the platform. You don't have to pay if you have a small team. You can subscribe up to 5 employees for free.

Note. The current pricing plans are in effect starting October 2020. Organizations that joined Tracker before October 1, 2020 are eligible for a 6-month discount. The size of the discount is calculated individually so that you won't see changes in your overall Tracker expenses compared to the previous pricing plan.
Number of users with full access Price per user per month *


0 ₽


258 ₽


222 ₽


185 ₽

* Includes VAT. Reduced rates may apply when using promo codes.

Tip. If you want to provide access to Tracker for more than 500 users, please contact us to discuss individual business terms.

Monthly Tracker pricing

How the monthly Tracker subscription fee is calculated:

  • The monthly fee is based on the maximum number of users who simultaneously had access to Tracker during the month.

    Tip. If you want to add new users to Tracker while simultaneously revoking access for other users, we recommend revoking access for old users first and then adding new users. This will give you the lowest number of users with simultaneous access to Tracker.
  • If you accidentally granted access to Tracker to a user or team you didn't intend to, you can still revoke their access rights within 30 minutes. In this case, the users in question will not be considered when calculating the monthly subscription fee.
  • Rates are applied on a progressive scale:
    • The subscription fee for the first 100 users is RUB 258
    • The subscription fee for next 150 users is RUB 222
    • After 250 users the fee is RUB 185.

For example, let's say the number of employees who had full access to Tracker in January changed like thisr:

  1. 245 employees had full Tacker access for 14 days.
  2. The next 7 days saw 270 employees with access to Tracker.
  3. Finally, during the last 10 days there were 260 employees with access to Tracker.

During the month, the maximum number of users with access to Tracker at the same time was 270.

This means that the following formula will be used to calculate the subscription fee for 270 users:

100 × 258 ₽ + 150 × 222 ₽ + 20 × 185 ₽ =  62800 ₽