Restrictions on sending emails

In order to prevent spamming, Yandex.Connect limits the number of emails that can be sent from a company's mailboxes to external addresses outside of your domain.

  • An email sent through the site can have up to 50 recipients.
  • An email sent via a mail client or an SMTP protocol can have up to 35 recipients.
  • All emails sent from the same mailbox within a day can have up to 3000 recipients in total.
  • Emails sent from all mailboxes hosted on the same domain during the same day can have up to 5000 recipients in total.

The number of emails that can be sent to your domain's mailboxes is unlimited.

If you want to send bulk newsletters to clients and partners, use special features tailored for mailing lists.

To learn more, read Sending a lot of emails in the Yandex.Mail Help.