Yandex.Mail in Yandex.Connect is a free service that allows you to manage emails on your domain. You can create mailboxes that follow the format, while their users can enjoy all the features of the Yandex.Mail web interface, such as spam filters, automatic malware scanning, and so on.

This service will become available once you link an email domain to your company. If you didn't link a domain to your company, your employees can use regular Yandex.Mail (with email addresses like

Enabling Yandex.Mail

Restriction. You need to have an email domain linked to your company if you want to use Yandex.Mail within Yandex.Connect.

To activate Yandex.Mail, do the following:

  1. Log in to Yandex.Connect as an administrator.

  2. Set up DNS records for your domain so that you can use Yandex.Mail. There are two methods:

    • You can delegate the domain to Yandex servers. In that case, all DNS records are set up automatically.

    • If you don't want to delegate your domain to Yandex servers, you can set up DNS records for your domain using the website of your DNS hosting provider. Usually it's the same company that acts as your domain's registrar.
    Record type Subdomain name Priority Value
    MX @ 10
    TXT (SPF) @ N/A v=spf1
    TXT (DKIM) mail._domainkey N/A Copy the value from Yandex.Mail settings
    CNAME mail N/A

    If you want to learn more about setting up DNS records, read the following Help sections: MX record, SPF record, DKIM signature, CNAME record.

  3. Wait for the changes to take effect. It may take DNS servers up to 72 hours to exchange the updated DNS records.

  4. Go to Domains page and make sure you linked an email domain to your company and there are no error messages.

  5. Go to the Yandex.Connect home page, find the Mail card, and click .

  6. Go to the Yandex.Mail settings page and make sure you activated the service. If Yandex.Mail isn't activated, click Activate in the upper-right corner.