Change owners

The person who created the organization in Yandex.Connect is considered its owner by default. They are also the owner of all domains linked to the company.

To transfer the owner status to another employee, do the following:

  1. Log in to Yandex.Connect as the owner. You can view the owner's username in the company profile.

    Attention. If the owner's account follows the format of, they will lose all access to the company and its domains after the transfer.
  2. Open the Company profile.

  3. Click and enter the new owner's email address.

    Any employee in your company can be designated as owner. They will also become an administrator automatically.

  4. Click and confirm transferring ownership.

The previous owner's access rights will then change depending on their account type:

  • — the previous owner loses access to the company in Yandex.Connect and is no longer considered the owner of any of its domains.

  • — the previous owner retains their status as an administrator, but is no longer the owner of any of its domains.