By default, your primary domain is a domain with an address like, which you selected when you registered the organization. You can connect one or more of your own domains, and then make any of them the primary domain.

You can only have one primary domain. Additional domains function as aliases of the primary domain. This means that emails sent to an address on an alias domain will be delivered to the mailbox with the same name on the primary domain. For example, if you connected the domains and, emails sent to, and all end up in the same mailbox.

You can't create separate mailboxes or configure unique DNS records for alias domains.

Connect a domain

Restriction. Only the domain owner can connect a domain.
  1. Go to the Domains page and click Add at the bottom of the page.

  2. Enter the name of your domain (such as and click Add.

  3. Choose the domain verification method:

    • Meta tag. Add a special meta tag to the HTML code on the site's home page (in the head element).

    • HTML file. Create an HTML file with the specified unique name and content and place it in your site's root directory.

    • DNS record. Add a TXT record containing a specified value to the site's DNS record.

      Verification of the domain's DNS records can take up to 72 hours.

    • WHOIS. Confirm the contact email address specified in the WHOIS data for your domain.

      Use this method if your site is a second-level domain and is not in the RU or РФ domain zone.

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen and click Start verification.

  5. Wait for the domain to be verified.

  6. To make this domain the primary one, click Set as main.

  7. If you made this domain the primary domain, configure MX and SPF records and the DKIM signature.

Remove domain

To remove an unverified or secondary domain, just open the Domains page, select the desired domain and click Remove. If you want to remove the primary domain, you first need to make a different domain primary. Select a verified domain and click Set as main.

You can't remove a domain, because this is a technical domain that stores your organization's data. For instance, this will help if you forget to renew the registration of the primary domain.