The list of domains includes the company's primary domain, as well as any aliases you have added. In order to use a domain in Yandex.Connect, you must confirm that you are the owner of this domain.

Confirming domain ownership

Go to the Domains page and click the name of the unconfirmed domain (marked with the icon). A panel with instructions opens.

There are three ways to confirm a domain in Yandex.Connect:

Delegate the domain to Yandex

You can delegate your domain to Yandex. To do this, you need to go to the domain settings on the registrar's site and change the DNS server that supports the domain. You can only delegate one of the domains that are already in the list of domains.

After delegating the domain:

  • The domain is automatically confirmed in Yandex.Connect.

  • The DNS records needed for email are automatically configured: MX, SPF, CNAME, and DKIM.

  • You can manage your domain's DNS records in the Yandex.Connect editor.

To delegate a domain already added to Yandex.Connect:

  1. Find the delegation settings on your domain registrar's site.

  2. Change the values of the primary and secondary DNS servers as follows (the letter “d” at the beginning of the names is not a mistake):
    • Primary DNS server – “”.
    • Secondary DNS server – “”.

    If the delegation settings have a field for entering the IP addresses, leave them empty.

  3. Wait for the changes to take effect in the DNS (this may take up to 72 hours).

  4. Check the domain status in the list of domains: select the domain name in the list and make sure that the status is shown as .

Upload a file with a specific name to your server

Open the list of domains and click the name of the domain. A panel opens with the file name and content. Create this file or upload it to your site's root directory.

The file shouldn't contain anything other than the text shown in Yandex.Connect. If you are using a visual HTML editor, it might generate HTML formatting of the text, and the file contents will be invalid.

To check the file, click the domain again in the list of domains, then click Check. The file might not be available for validation right away after you've created it. If you are sure that the file is correct but it isn't validated, try clicking the button again later.

Create a CNAME record with specific content

Add a CNAME record in the DNS editor of the company that your domain is delegated to:

  1. Go to the DNS configuration in the control panel on the site of the company that you delegated your domain to.

  2. Create a new CNAME record with the following field values (the field names may differ for different control panels):

    • Name – A subdomain of your domain with the same name as the string shown on the confirmation page.

      For example, the confirmation page shows the string “yamail-123456abcdef”, and you want to confirm the domain “”. In this case, you should set the CNAME record like this: “” (with a dot at the end).

      In some control panels, the dot at the end is added automatically, or you don't need to enter the name of the domain being confirmed. Pay attention to the specific requirements of your control panel.

    • Value“”. The dot at the end of the server name is required, unless your control panel adds this dot by default.

  3. To check the CNAME record, click the domain again in the list of domains, then click Check. Keep in mind that it may take up to 72 hours for DNS changes to take effect.