Yandex.Disk lets you store files and notes in the cloud. Use Disk for shared access to files within your company.

You can access the files you upload to Disk from any web-enabled device. You can share files with other Disk users or give access to them via a public link.

To learn more about platform, read Disk Help.

Using your personal Disk account

Employees can use their personal Disk accounts by default. Each user gets 10 GB of space on Disk for free.

Employees can use Disk directly from their web browser or install a dedicated app on their desktop or smartphone. The Yandex.Disk app is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Enabling Disk for Business

To purchase additional space in Disk for your employees, enable Disk for Business. Disk for Business has several service plans that offer:

  • Additional Disk space for each employee.
  • Extra features: no ads, priority support, unlimited downloads from public links, and an extended file changelog.

To learn more about our service plans, see Disk for Business Help.

How to enable Disk for Business:

  1. Go to the Disk for Business page.
  2. Choose a service plan.
  3. Choose your organization and make sure the information entered is correct or enter new information.

To enable all the extra features in Disk, your employees need to log in to Disk with their Yandex.Connect accounts.