Set up an Active Directory connection

To import accounts from Active Directory, enter the domain controller name and settings of the account with access rights to Active Directory:

  1. Start the Connect Directory Sync application and go to the AD settings tab.
  2. In the Authorization section, enter the username and password of an account with read access to Active Directory.
  3. In the Realm field, enter the name of the Kerberos realm that corresponds to the Active Directory domain. The realm name is usually the same as the domain name (for example, EXAMPLE.COM).
  4. Go to the Parameters section and enter the domain controller name in the Host field (for example,
    Attention. Do not use localhost as the domain controller name because it won't be authorized in the domain.
  5. To import account data from the global directory, enable the Global directory option.
Note. For timeout fields, we recommend keeping the default values.