Delegate domains

You can delegate domains to Yandex servers. This means that your service information will be stored and managed on Yandex DNS servers.

Delegating a domain grants you the following features:

  • Automatic setup of DNS records required for Mail (MX, SPF, CNAME, and DKIM).

  • You will be able to manage your domain's DNS records with the Yandex.Connect DNS editor.

If you're using your domain to host a website, delegating the domain shouldn't affect how the website operates in most cases. To make sure your website address is linked to the domain name, check the Domain's A record in the Yandex.Connect DNS Editor.

If you want to delegate a domain to Yandex servers, change the NS records (DNS addresses the domain is hosted through) in domain settings on your registrar's website. You can only delegate domains that have already been linked to your company through Yandex.Connect.

Attention. Delegating a domain nor longer implies you're its owner. You need to confirm your ownership of the domain before delegating it. You may lose your domain if you do it the other way around.

To delegate a domain linked to your company, do the following:

  1. Log in to Yandex.Connect as an administrator.

  2. Go to the Yandex.Connect home page, find the Webmaster card, and click .

  3. Make sure your domain status says Confirmed.
  4. Go to the DNS server management section (delegation) on your registrar's website.
  5. Change the values of the primary and secondary DNS servers as follows (the letter “d” at the beginning of names is placed there deliberately):
    • Primary DNS server –
    • Secondary DNS server –

    If the delegation settings have a field for entering the IP addresses, leave them empty.

  6. Wait for the changes to take effect in the DNS. It may take DNS servers up to 72 hours to exchange the updated DNS records.

  7. Go to the domain management page and make sure your domain's status says Delegated.