Yandex.Connect API

Yandex.Connect has two REST API interfaces to work with the Connect services using HTTP requests: Directory API and Tracker API.

Use these interfaces to integrate the Yandex.Connect features into your online services and apps. This will enable you to automate workflows, and your employees can manage the company account and work with Tracker tasks via third-party applications.

  1. Directory API
  2. Tracker API

Directory API

Directory API is an interface that allows you to manage your organization in Yandex.Connect. Using the Directory API, you can:

  • Manage your company's organizational structure: create and edit departments and teams.
  • Create and edit employee accounts.
  • Connect and remove domains and manage their DNS records.

To learn more about the Directory API, read the documentation.

Tracker API

The Tracker API is an interface for accessing Tracker. With the Tracker API, you can:

  • Integrate Tracker with other services. For example, use a chat bot to manage tasks or link Tracker to your CRM system.

  • Automatically create issues, batch edit, and search for issues using filters.

  • Set specific handling rules for specific actions, such as updating the status at a particular time.

  • Create web browser extensions for managing Tracker.

To learn more about the Tracker API, read the documentation.