Features of Yandex.Connect

Yandex.Connect is a platform of services designed for collaboration at work. Yandex.Connect includes enterprise versions of Mail, Disk, and Calendar, as well as the new Wiki service and the Yamb messenger.

Note. All the functionality of Yandex.Mail for Domain moves with you when you switch to Yandex.Connect. For more information, see Migrating from Yandex.Mail for Domain.
Yandex.Mail logo


Corporate email, shared contacts, and internal mailing lists.

More information about Mail in Yandex.Connect

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Shared access to files within a company.

More information about Disk

Yamb logo


Instant messaging with individuals or group chats for teams and departments. Available as a web service or an app for iOS and Android.

For more information, see the Help for Yamb.

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People and teams

Departments show the hierarchical company structure. This structure is managed by admins.

Teams allow coworkers to form task groups independently of the department structure.

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Collaboration on texts – notes, instructions, and knowledge bases.

For more information, see the Help for Wiki.

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Admin tools

Company settings, domains linked to Yandex.Connect, and DNS records for domains delegated to Yandex.

Organization settings

Domain management