How Yandex Wiki works

Wiki structure

Yandex Wiki pages are organized in a hierarchical tree:

  1. is the Yandex Wiki home page. The home page usually displays links to the main clusters, important links, or news.

  2. are top-level pages. Usually these pages share a broad common theme. For example, they can all be related to a single department, team, or project.

    Note. The home page is not considered a parent page in relation to top-level pages.
  3. are second-level and lower-level pages.

Each page has one or more owners, which are users who manage access to the page. The page owner's name is displayed under the page title.


Yandex Wiki pages are grouped into clusters:

A page with all its subpages together form one cluster. Pages within a cluster are usually related to a common topic.

Personal cluster

Every Yandex Wiki user has their own Personal cluster ( You can use your personal cluster to store your personal information, schedule, drafts, or whatever you want. To access your personal cluster, click My page in the Yandex Wiki upper panel. Personal clusters can be viewed by other users by default.

Your personal cluster includes the Notes section, which is not accessible to other users ( You can create notes from any Yandex Wiki page in a couple of clicks. To go to the Notes section, click the Notes button in the Yandex Wiki header.

You can change access rights to pages from your personal cluster and the Notes section, just like with any other page you're the owner of.