Text formatting

Text emphasis

Restriction. Text formatting for emphasis only works properly when there aren't any spaces between the markup and the text.
Markup Result
**Bold text**
//Italic text//
__Underlined text__
##Monospaced text##
Note. The text inside such a block is not escaped by default. To escape the text, use a source code block
%%Source code%%
++Small font++
--Сross out text--
??Highlighted text??
!!(blue)Blue text!!

The following colors are supported:

  • red

  • green

  • blue

  • grey / gray

  • yellow

Other formatting options

Formatting element Markup Result

Horizontal separator line

Line break (similar to the <br> HTML tag)
Here is a---forced line break

Text quotation

<[Long quotation
of text
with line breaks]>

Inline quotations

>>Inline quote
>Yes that's it
This is plain text

Popup definition of a term

(?Term Definition of the term?)

Popup definition of a term with spaces

(?Long term==Definition of the term?)

Text hidden behind a cut

<{Read the entire text
This text can be seen by clicking the link "Read the entire text".




H vv2vv O

Subscript without spaces


Escaping symbols

Escaping is a way to disable wiki markup in a certain text fragment. For instance, if you want to write !!Hi!! without getting as a result, use escape characters and type ""!!Hi!!"".

There are two ways to escape a text:

  • Use double quotes two times. The text inside the quotes will be escaped:

    Markup Result
    **This text is bold**
    ""**And this one is not**""
  • Add ~ before the text you want to escape. The text will be escaped up to the first space:

    Markup Result