Text formatting

  1. Highlighting text
  2. Combining formatting types
  3. Bubbles

Highlighting text

Restriction. For text highlighting to work properly, don't leave any spaces between the markup symbols and the text.
Markup Result
**Bold text**
*Italic text*
_Italic text_
__Underlined text__
~~Strikethrough text~~
??Highlighted text??
!!(blue)Blue text!!

Supported colors:

  • red

  • green

  • blue

  • grey / gray

  • yellow

Combining formatting types

You can apply multiple kinds of formatting at the same time.

Markup Result
_**Вold italic**_
*!!Red italic!!*

You can combine text formatting with other markup features.

Markup Result
**[Bold link](http://example.com)**
>Qoute with *italic text*


You can add a bubble with a tip to your text (for example, a definition for a term from the text).

Markup Result
(?Term Definition of the term?)
(?Long term==Definition of the term?)