Images and files

Embedding images

Use markup to add images to your page:

![Alt text](link to the image)
Note. If you paste an image link with no markup, the image will be displayed on the page with no alternative text.
Markup Result

You can specify additional parameters for embedding:

Setting image size

You can set the image size in pixels with the following format:

<width>x<height>:<link to image>
Note. Images maintain their aspect ratio, so the height you set is not always applied.


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Adding download links for images

To add a download link for your image, use the standard markup for links:

Markup Result
[Yandex logo](
Yandex logo
Using images as links

Images can also function as links to other pages or files. To do that, put the image's markup inside the link's markup:

Markup Result

Adding links to files

You can use one of the following methods to add a link to a file on your page:

Markup Result
[Download file](http://fileAddress)
Download file