Getting started

Try out Wiki features by creating your first page. The page will be created in your personal cluster, so don't be shy about experimenting.

Creating pages

To create a page in your personal cluster:

  1. Click Create in the upper panel.

  2. Fill in the Header field and click Create.

    The address field is filled in automatically. Don't edit it if this is your first time creating a page.

  3. Copy this example or create your own:

    Example Result
    # The first level header
    ## The second level header
    Some text.
    Here is a [link](
    ### The third level header
    *Some italic text.* **Some bold text.**
    ~~Strikethrough text~~. `Piece of source code`
    Here is an unordered list:
    * list item;
      * nested list item;
      * nested list item;
    * list item.
    Here is an ordered list:
    1. list item;
    2. list item;
    3. list item.
    Example table:
    |header 1|header 2|header 3|
    |cell 11|cell 12|cell 13|
    |cell 21|cell 22||
  4. Save the changes.

A list of all your pages is available in the Bookmarks → My page menu in the Wiki header.

Configure access

To configure access to your page:

  1. Open a page.

  2. Click the Access field under the page title.

  3. Select access rights:

    • Same as the parent page — the access level is carried over from your personal cluster. Your personal cluster can be viewed by all other users by default unless you change your access rights.

    • All — the page can be accessed by all users in your company.

    • Only me — only you can view and edit the page.

    • Specific users — specify the usernames of people to grant access to view and edit the page.

  4. Save the changes.