Getting started

Try out Wiki by creating your first page. The page will be created in your personal cluster, so go ahead and experiment.

Create a page

To create a page in your personal cluster:

  1. Click Create on the Wiki header.

  2. Fill in the Title and click Create.

    The address is filled in automatically. Don't edit it if you've never created pages before.

  3. Copy the example below or use your own:

    Example Result
    == First-level header
    === Second-level header
    Some text.
    Here is a (( link)).
    ==== Third-level header
    //Some italic text.// **Some bold text.**
    __Underlined text__. ##Monospaced text.## !!(blue)Some blue text.!!
    Here is an unordered list:
    * list item
    * list item
      * nested list item
      * nested list item
    * list item
    Here is an ordered list:
    1. List item.
    2. List item.
      3. Nested list item.
      4. Nested list item.
    1. List item.
    Example table:
  4. Save your changes.

To see a list of all your pages, go to Bookmarks → My pages in the Wiki header.

Change access settings

To manage access to your page:

  1. Open the page.

  2. Click Access under the page title.

  3. Select the access options:

    • Like the parent page – Inherits the access settings from your personal cluster. If you didn't change access to your personal cluster, the page will be available to all users in your company.

    • Everyone – The page is available to all users in your company.

    • Just me – You are the only person who can view and edit the page.

    • Specific employees – Add the logins of users you want to grant access to view or edit.

  4. Save changes.