How to move a page to a different cluster

If necessary, you can change the address of an existing page and move it to a different cluster. Pages can be moved one by one or together with subpages.

To move a page to a different cluster:

  1. Open the page.

  2. Click ... → Move (  → Move for tables).

  3. Specify the new page address.

  4. If you want to move a page with all the subpages, select Move subpages.

  5. If you want to change the page name, select Rename the page.

  6. Click Move.

Some considerations about moving pages:

  • If you selected the Move subpages option, the subpages are moved even if you don't have access to them.

  • Access rights to pages and subpages are preserved when pages are moved.

  • A redirect is created at the page's old address. This is a page that automatically redirects users to the new address.