Restricting page viewing

You can restrict access to a page for other users if you are the page's owner:

  1. Open the page.

  2. At the top of the page, click the button that shows the page's access mode (by default Available to all employees).

  3. Specify who will be able to view the page:

    • Same as parent page: The access level is carried over from the parent page.

    • All: All employees of your organization.

    • Only page owners: Only the page owners can view and edit the page.

    • Specific employees: Specify the usernames of people to grant access to view and edit the page.

    Important. Changing access settings for the Yandex Wiki Home Page is not recommended.

    By default, the owner of the Yandex Wiki homepage is a service account. If this page's access mode is set to "Only page owners", all other users will be blocked from accessing the page. To make the page available to other users again, click the link and change the page's access settings.

  4. Click Save.

Users without access to the page will be unable to view or edit it. You can also let users view the page while prohibiting them from editing it.