Subscriptions and favorites

Follow and bookmark the pages that interest you. This way you'll stay posted on any updates.


The Bookmarks menu lets you save pages that interest you. You can find bookmarks in the Yandex Wiki header. The pages there are split into groups:

  • Favorites — Pages you added to favorites.

  • My pages — Pages owned by you.

  • Subscriptions — Pages you're following.

  • Edited by me — all pages you made edits to.

Following pages and clusters

Follow pages and clusters in order to receive notifications about any changes. To subscribe to notifications:

  1. Open a page.

  2. Click Subscribe in the upper-right corner.

  3. Choose your subscription type: you can subscribe to this particular page or to the whole cluster (with subpages).

Adding pages to favorites

  1. Open a page.

  2. Click Add to favorites in the upper-right corner.