How to view a list of my pages

You can see a list of all the pages you own in Bookmarks:

  1. Open the Bookmarks menu in the Wiki header.

  2. Select My pages.

How to insert a list of all my pages in a page

Insert the {{mypages}} dynamic block in the page text. This block has several optional parameters:

Parameter Possible values

Sort by date modified:

  • 1 – Enable.

  • 0 – Disable.


Sort by date created:

  • 1 – Enable.

  • 0 – Disable.


"UserName" – You can display a list of pages belonging to any user by specifying their login.

For instance, to display a list of pages belonging to username and sort them by modified date, use the following block:

{{mypages bychange=1 user="username"}}