How to edit a page

To edit a page, open it and click Edit. On the edit page, you can:

Rename a page

Click the page title and enter the new one.

Edit page text
  1. Edit the page source. You can change text formatting manually using wiki markup, or using the toolbar in the upper part of the window.

  2. To check whether the changes are displayed correctly, click Preview.

  3. If the page looks the way you want it to, click Save.

To format text, use wiki markup. For more details on the markup, please see Basic formatting (titles, lists, and so on) and Markup reference (for a full list of all available features).

Attaching files and documents to a page

You can upload a file to a page and add a download link to the text.

Adding tables and images to a page

You can upload an image from your computer and add it to your page.

You can also add a dynamic table to your page.

Don't forget to click Save. Every time you save a page, a copy is added to the change history. The change history is your way to always be able to view all previous versions of the page, compare them to each other, or roll back to any of them.