Editing pages

To edit a page, open it and click Edit.

The editing page is split into two vertical halves by default: the left half lets you edit your text while the right half displays a preview of the edited page before saving. To disable previews, click the Split mode toggle at the bottom of the page.

On the editing page, you can:

Rename the page

Click the page name and enter a new one.

Edit text on the page

The text doesn't use any formatting during creation and editing phases. You can use Markdown to configure the page's layout and markup. To learn more about markup features, see the Markdown section.

To add common formatting features, use the toolbar at the top of the page.

You can add dynamic blocks, such as document headings and a table of contents for subpages. For more information, see the Dynamic blocks section.

Note. Previous versions of Wiki supported their own proprietary markup. You can still view and edit pages created with the Wiki markup. However, if you're planning to create a new page from scratch, we recommend using Markdown.
Attach files and documents

You can upload a file to the page and place a download link right in the text.

Add tables and images

You can upload images from your computer and add them to pages.

You can also add dynamic tables.

Save pages

Don't forget to click Save from time to time. Each time you save your changes, a new copy of the page is moved to the edit history. The edit history lets users view all previous versions of a given page, compare the changes, and roll back to any of them.