Adding graphs

You can add graphs using the Graphviz markup for diagrams.

Markup Result
%%(graphviz neato)
digraph A { 
a -> b0
a -> b3
xb [label="hi",width=.1,style=invis]
a -> xb [style=invis]
a -> b1
{rank=same b0 -> xb -> b1 [style=invis]}
b0 -> c0
xc [label="bye",width=.1,style=invis]
b0 -> xc [style=invis]
b0 -> c1
{rank=same c0 -> xc -> c1 [style=invis]}
b0 -> c2

You can configure the appearance of your graphs using optional parameters:

  • dot, neato, circle, twopi, fdp — names of utilities for building graphs. dot is used by default.

  • width — maximum graph width in pixels.

  • height — maximum graph height in pixels.