How to create a dynamic table

A dynamic table is a table where you can configure column data types, sort values, or make a cell required to fill in. You can use a table directly as-is, or insert it on a page.

There are several ways to create a page:

Enter table address manually

To create a new table:

  1. Click Create on the Wiki header.

  2. Select Table.

  3. Name your page.

  4. Enter an address for the page.

    By default, the page address is relative to your personal cluster. To specify an address relative to the Wiki main page, delete ~/ at the beginning of the line.

    Tip. You can enter non-existing pages in the address. For instance, you can create a page with the address ~/foo/bar, even if no ~/foo page exists.
  5. Click Create.

  6. Fill in the table:

    Create columns
    1. Click + in the upper right corner of the table.

    2. Configure the column settings:

      • name – The name to show in the column header.

      • data type – Restricts the data types that can be used in the column cells.

      • width – Column width as a percentage of the table width, or in pixels.

      • required – Marks column cells as required to be filled in.

      • mark as done (only for the checkbox data type) – If this option is enabled, the rows marked in the checkbox are grayed out.

    3. Click Add.

    Create rows

    To create a new row, click Add a line in the lower part of the table.

    Fill in the cells

    Select a cell and enter the text. Use Wiki markup to format the text. Use Shift+Enter for line breaks.

  7. Save our changes (Done).

Create a subpage in a cluster

You can create a table directly in the required cluster:

  1. Go to the cluster where you want it to be located.

  2. Click ... → Create a subpage.

  3. Select Table.

  4. Name the page.

    The Address field is filled in automatically. You can edit the address if necessary. The !/ symbols at the beginning of the line mean that the address is relative to the current cluster.

  5. Click Create.