Adding links to Tracker issues

Yandex Tracker users can link directly to issues or issue lists on Yandex Wiki pages.

Links to Tracker issues

To add a link to an issue, specify the issue key in your text.


Markup Result
Fix a mistake in TEST-123

List of issues

You can use the {{tasks}} dynamic acton to embed a generated issue list on your Wiki page. Example:

{{tasks url="filter or queue adress"}}

Issue lists with parameters

You can use dynamic tables to embed issue lists and their main parameters on Wiki pages:

  1. Create a dynamic table.

  2. Create a column with the Tracker issue data type.

  3. Add the required number of rows and list the issue keys in them.

  4. Create additional columns. Specify the required issue parameters as your data type. For example, the issue Title, Reporter, or Type.

  5. Save your table.

The columns with issue parameters will be filled in automatically. The resulting table can be put on a wiki page if necessary.