Adding images

  1. Switch to Edit mode.

  2. Upload the image to the page.
    1. Click in the sidebar.

    2. Click Select file.

    3. Upload the desired file(s).

    4. You can see the list of uploaded files on the tab in the sidebar.

    Tip. If you want to embed an image hosted online, copy the image's source link and follow step 4. You don't need to manually upload such images.
  3. Copy the link to the image.
    1. Open the list of uploaded files in the sidebar ().

    2. Hover your cursor over a file and click .

    3. You will see the message File link copied. You can now embed it into the page text.

  4. Add images to your page using markup:

    ![Alt text](link to the image)
    Note. If you paste an image link with no markup, the image will be displayed on the page with no alternative text.


Markup Result

To learn about additional parameters used for image embedding, see the Images and files section.