How to add an image

  1. Switch to editing mode (Edit).

  2. Upload the image to the page.
    1. Click in the sidebar.

    2. Click Select a file.

    3. Upload the file or files you need.

    4. A list of all uploaded files is available in on the sidebar.

    Tip. If you want to place an internet image on the page, simply copy the link to the image source and go to step 4. You do not have to upload this image to the page.
  3. Copy the link to the image.
    1. Open the list of uploaded files ().

    2. Hover the mouse over the file and click .

    3. File link copied means that a link to the selected file was copied to the clipboard. Now you can insert it in the page text.

  4. Insert a link in the page text. After the page is saved, the image is displayed instead of the link.

  5. If necessary, set the maximum image size in pixels:



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How to transform an image into a link

You can make an image a link to another page:

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