Embedding objects

Table of contents

Creates a table of contents automatically compiled from page titles.

Attention. If the page has matching headings, the links in the table of contents may work incorrectly.
Using the block
{{toc from="h2" to="h6"}}

Setting parameters for the {{toc}} block is optional.

Block parameters

Highest heading level to include in the table of contents.


Lowest heading level to include in the table of contents.

List of issues

This block contains a list of Tracker issues that are part of the same queue or match a specific filter.

Using the block
{{tasks url="filter or queue adress"}}

The {{tasks}} block has no additional parameters to set.

To learn more about queues and filters in Tracker, read the Help:


This block contains an anchor, which is used for navigating directly to this specific part of the page.

Using the block
{{Anchor href="MyAnchor"}}
Block parameters

Contains the anchor name.


Optional parameter. Contains the anchor header.


Optional parameter. Contains the anchor text.

To insert an anchor link, add the # symbol to the right of the page address and place the anchor name after it:

[Link text](http://pageAddress#MyAnchor)

You don't have to specify the page address if the link and the anchor are on the same page:

[Link text](#MyAnchor)