Format text in issues

Use wiki markup when formatting text in issue descriptions or comments. For example, you can format text with italics or bold, as well as add lists and tables.

If you want to see the preview of how the issue description or comment would look after formatting, click Preview under the text input field. Click Edit to resume formatting.

The basic markup options are listed below.

Element Markup Result
=== The first level header
=== The second level header
==== The third level header
Horizontal line
**Bold text**
*Italic text*
__Underlined text__
--Strikethrough text--
Small text
++Small font++
Highlighted text
??Highlighted text??

Colored text

Supported colors:

  • red

  • green

  • blue

  • grey / gray

  • yellow

!!(blue)Blue text!!
Numbered list
1. list item;
2. list item;
  1. nested list item;
  2. nested list item;
  3. nested list item;
3. list item.
Bulleted list
* list item;
* list item;
  * nested list item;
  * nested list item;
* list item.
(( link text))
Issue link
Quoted text
<[Quoting of long
with linebreaks]>
Single-line quote
>Single-line quoting
>>Second-level quote
Collapsed text
<{Read the entire text
This text can be seen by clicking 
the link "Read the entire text".
||cell 11|cell 12|cell 13||
||cell 21|cell 22||
Source code
%%piece of code%%
Escaping wiki markup
""**Escaping all markup**
//elements in this text//""
~**Escaping single** //markup element//