Voting for an issue

Restriction. Voting is available only if it is enabled in the queue settings.

Tracker users can vote for issues to help teams decide which issues are highest priority. The number of votes is displayed under the issue title next to the icon: .

To vote for an issue, click . If you want to remove your vote, click it again.


To find the issues that you have voted for, use the query language:

  1. On the upper panel in Tracker, choose Issues → Search for issues.

  2. Click Query language in the upper-right corner.

  3. Enter the query:

    "Voted By": me()
How voting works
  • You can view the list of votes by clicking the button with the number of votes.

  • All users who have access to the issue can vote.

  • If an issue that received votes is closed as a duplicate, all the votes will be transferred to the original issue.