Register time spent

Tracker can keep a record of the time you spent on an issue. Besides the assignee, other users can also record the time they spent.

Time tracking

To register the time spent:

  1. Open the issue page.

  2. Choose Actions → Specify time spent.

  3. Fill in Time spent. Time is tracked in business weeks (5 work days), business hours (8 hours), hours, minutes, and seconds. Example:

    • 1 week and 3 days: 1w 3d, 1w 3d.
    • 3 hours, 20 minutes, and 30 seconds: 3h 20m 30s, 3h 20m 30s.
  4. If necessary, enter the start time and leave a comment. The comment will not be visible in the issue, but it will be saved in the Time Spent report.

  5. Click Save.

Any user can record the time spent, not just the issue assignee. The Time Spent report stores information about who recorded time spent, and when.

View time spent

You can view the time spent on an issue in the details on the right panel, or in the Time Spent report.

If the Time spent section is not displayed in the issue details, add it:

  1. Click Choose fields in the issue details panel.

  2. Under Time Tracking, enable the Estimate and Time Spent options.

You can use the Estimate field to estimate the time needed to resolve the issue. Fill it in when you begin working on the issue. Each time you record the time spent, the estimation will decrease by the amount you enter.