Scheduled issue creation

You can use Tracker to set up scheduled issue creation using a template. For example, this lets you automatically create a data backup issue every week.

Such issues only work in queues where auto updates are configured. The reporter for such issues is the Tracker robot.

Note. Make sure the robot has permission to create issues in the queue.

To set up scheduled issue creation:

  1. Open the queue page.

  2. To the left of the queue name, select  → Configure.

  3. Select Automatization → Auto actions in the left-hand panel and click Create auto action.

  4. Choose Issue creation.
  5. Set up your issue creation schedule:
    1. Select the units of time for setting the issue creation schedule: hours, days, or weeks.
    2. Set the schedule based on those units. To do this, enter a number between 1 and 1000 in the Every field.

      For example, if you specify “Every 4 days”, a new issue is created every 4 days.

      If your schedule is based on days, you can also choose Every workday and work schedule.

      If your schedule is based on weeks, choose the days to create new issues on.

    3. Set the dates and time for when automatic issue creation starts and ends. If you don't specify the start and end dates, issues will continue to be created.
  6. Find the Queue action block and click Create issue.
  7. Fill in the fields for the automatic issue creation template in the Issue creation window and click Save.
  8. If you wish to include multiple issues in one auto action, click Create issue again and fill in the fields for the new issue.
  9. To save an auto action, click Create.