Work with an issue

By default, your issues are listed on the main page or in Issues → All issues. To start working with an issue, go to its page.

  1. Start work on an issue
  2. Work on an issue
  3. Close an issue

Start work on an issue

When you start working on an issue, switch it to a new status (usually "In progress"). The status shows what state the issue is in and helps other users track its progress. The current status is shown under the issue title and in the panel on the right.

While you are working on it, don't forget to update the status so that you and your colleagues know what the current state is for the issue.

Note. The available statuses and transitions depend on the queue settings.

Your issue has the “Open” status. When you start working on it, switch the status to “In progress”. When it is completed, change the status to “Closed”. If you need to return to the issue later, you can switch it back to the “Open” status again.

Work on an issue

Tracker helps you keep track of the progress on issues and keep colleagues in the loop. When you are working on an issue, you can:

Close an issue

When you have finished working on an issue, switch it to the final status (usually “Closed”) and select a resolution (the reason the issue is closed). The list of available resolutions depends on the queue settings.

The issue you are working on was canceled. To register this in Tracker, switch the issue to the “Closed” status and select the resolution “Canceled”.