Set up an issue reminder

Tracker can send issue reminders. You can send reminders to yourself or other users. Only the sender and the recipient will be able to see the reminder.

Create a reminder

To set up a reminder:

  1. Open the issue page.

  2. Click

  3. Enter the date and time for the reminder.

  4. Specify the recipient of the reminder. Start typing the user's name or login and choose one of the suggested options.

    A reminder can only have one recipient. If you want to send a reminder to several users, you have to create an individual reminder for each of them.

  5. To send an issue reminder regardless of the issue status, select Even if resolved.

  6. If necessary, enter a comment. The user will receive it with the reminder.

  7. Click Save.

Tracker will send an email to the user at the time specified, and a pop-up reminder will appear on the issue page.

Edit and delete reminders

To change or delete a reminder, do the following:

  1. Open the issue page.

  2. Click

  3. Click the icon to make your changes, or the icon to delete the reminder.