Python client

To help you get started using the Tracker API, we created yandex_tracker_client — a dedicated package that lets you easily add API calls to programs written in Python.

To start using the client:

  1. Download and install the newest version of Python on your computer by going to

  2. Run the following command in your OS command line:
    pip install yandex_tracker_client
  3. Receive your OAuth token and organization ID to access the API. To learn more, read the Tracker API documentation.

  4. Initialize the client in your program's code:

    from yandex_tracker_client import TrackerClient
    client = TrackerClient(token=<token>, org_id=<org_id>)

    Here <token> is your OAuth token, and <org_id> is your organization ID.

To learn more about the client and terms of use, check out the GitHub page: