Configure the list of roles

By default, Tracker sends you notifications about changes to issues if you have one of these roles:

  • Reporter — You created this issue.

  • Assignee — You are assigned to this issue.

  • Follower — You are subscribed to notifications for this issue.

  • Queue/version/component/goal subscriber — You are subscribed to notifications for the queue, component or version that the task belongs to.

If necessary, you can add more roles to the list:

  • Modifier — You made changes to the issue.

  • Access — You are listed in the Access field for the issue.

  • Queue Owner — You are the owner of the queue the issue is in.

  • Team Member — You are on the team for the queue that the issue is in.

  • Component Owner — You are responsible for the component that the issue is related to.

  • Favorites — You added the issue to your favorites.

To customize the list of roles for getting notifications of changes to issues:

  1. Click  → Managing subscriptions on the upper panel in Tracker, or go to the link:

  2. Add a role to the list by clicking Add role at the bottom of the page. To remove a role, click next to the role name.

  3. Configure the list of changes to issuesthat you want to get notified of. For more information about how to do this, read the section Configure notification contents.