Creating issues

You can create issues in any of the available queues. Select the queue that best matches the topic of the issue. If you don't know which queue to create the issue in, check with the project manager or your organization's admin.

Create an issue

To create an issue:

  1. Click New issue on the upper panel in Tracker.

  2. Select the Queue to create the issue in.

    Note. The queue owner can set up simplified forms for creating issues. If this is the case, select the appropriate form and fill in the fields following the prompts. If you are unsure how you should fill the form out, contact the queue owner.

    If no simplified forms are linked to the queue, the standard issue creation form will open instead.

  3. Choose the Type for the issue.

    Each queue can have its own set of issue types. If you don't see an appropriate type in the list, contact the queue owner.

  4. Enter a title in Summary.

  5. Fill in the Description. Use wiki markup to format text.

  6. Click Choose files to attach files or images to the issue.

    To insert images into the text, click .

  7. Enter the login or name of the assignee, or click Me to assign the issue to yourself.

    You can also leave this field empty to assign someone later.

  8. Set the Priority.

  9. If your issue is related to other issues, list them in Links.

  10. You can specify additional settings if necessary. To do this, add fields using the button and fill them in.

  11. Click Create at the bottom of the page.

    Tip. If you need to create a lot of similar issues, make a template for them.

Issue key

Each new issue is automatically assigned a unique key that identifies it. The issue key consists of the queue key and the issue number (for example, TEST-1234). The key is displayed under the issue's title on the issue page.

Here is what you can do with issue keys:

  • Paste the queue key into an issue's description or comment body to put a link to another issue there. It will be converted into a clickable link.
  • Gain direct access to an issue by visiting

Create a sub-issue

Complex tasks can be divided into simpler sub-issues and tracked separately.

To create a sub-issue:

  1. Open the issue page to create a sub-issue for.

  2. Choose Actions → Create sub-issue.

  3. Fill in the fields the same way as when creating a new issue.

  4. Click Create.

Share issue templates

You can share an issue template with a coworker before finalizing it. This could come in handy in some situations (e.g. quickly creating a batch of similar issues).

Follow these steps to share an issue template:

  1. Set up issue details as described in the Creating issues section.

  2. Click Get a link to a filled-out form at the bottom of the issue creation page.

  3. Copy the link and send it to your coworker however you find convenient.

Clicking this link sends you to an issue creation window with its fields filled out. You can save the link and use it as a template for quick issue creation.