Add an issue field

Restriction. Only the company admin can create a new field.

The most popular issue settings are available in Tracker by default. To add a new field:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in as the admin in Yandex.Connect.

  2. Choose  → Tracker settings on the upper panel in Tracker.

  3. Go to the Fields tab.

  4. Click Create field.

  5. Select the field type and click Next.

  6. Set parameters for the new field:

    • Category. All Tracker fields are grouped into categories. Select the category that best suits the new field.

    • Name in Russian. Try to give the fields short and informative names.

    • Name in English. This name will be shown in the English interface of Tracker.

    • Type of number (only for fields with the “number” type).

    • List items (only for fields with the “dropdown list” type). Specify the possible values and their order.

    • Number of list items (only for fields with the “dropdown list” type).

    • Number of employees (only for fields with the “user list” type).

  7. Click Create.